Protein or Moisture – Your hair may need either, or both

Protein or Moisture – Your hair may need either, or both!

Having a bad hair day? Having a bad hair week? Or is it a month? Are you applying copious amounts of product and still not getting the mischief on your head managed? You may have one of two issues, or both. Treat the cause, and your hair-don’t may turn into a hair-do.

Mopani Pharmacy not only has some killer-tips to get your mane to match your roar, but we are also stockists of one of the leading brands in hair care. Stick around and we will tell you all about it.

The problem(s)

Today we are talking hair. Scalp issues such as dandruff and oiliness will be addressed on another day.

That leaves your hair, with two main challenges; Protein and moisture deficiency. Your hair can be long or short, curly or straight, coloured or natural, thick or thin – and still, most of your issues will boil down to these two deficiencies.


Amino acids are the building blocks of your hair. Protein helps to make your hair strong and durable.

Hair types that benefit from protein the most are hair that had been bleached, as well as thin and straight hair.

This is because coloured / bleached hair are often stripped of proteins in the bleaching / colouring process. Ever had major breakage after going blonde? This is why it is always advised to seek a qualified hairdresser that will assess your hair and do necessary protein treatments before and/or after stripping your hair of its pigment.

Thin and straight hair with protein deficiencies will inevitably have some breakage at some point. Hair will also start to look lifeless and dull – and if it is coloured, your colour will fade quicker and you will need to recolour more often to maintain it.

Adding protein can fortify your hair, and each flat, lifeless hair strand will transform into a strong, shiny, fuller individual strand that makes your hair look thicker.

However, all hair can benefit from some added protein to maintain it, even if you have thick, strong hair.


A lack of hydration will leave your hair dried out, frizzy and prone to tangling. Hair that often needs added moisture are known to be curly and thick.

The reason for this is because curly hair tends to make loops/coils and moisture will sit in parts of them but not the entire loop/coil will have it evenly distributed. Thick and curly hair are also often dried or styled with more heat than straight hair.

Add in environmental factors such as weather/air-conditioning as well as heat styling tools like hair-dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners, and you will have some THIRSTY hair!

It is safe to say most hair can do with some added moisture. Doing so will minimise fly-aways and frizz, and dramatically improve the ease of effort needed to brush through your tangles.

This is how you do it – drumroll

If you go to a hairdresser on the regular, ask them for an assessment of your hair, and a recommendation of which one of the two is needed, and in what ratio. Some will need 70 / 30, protein / moisture, or 40 / 60.

Otherwise, you can take a look at your own hair, and decide what you think you need – since you work with your hair every day.

Now for our long-awaited leading brand: REDKEN

Redken has a wide variety of hair products that can transform the way you care for your hair, with amazing results! It is a prominently used product in many hair salons. The reason why premium salon brands work so well, is because their molecules are smaller. This means that less product is needed and it penetrates into your hair to restore your hair from the inside, out.

If you need more protein than moisture, pick your day to day use protein products, with a weekly or by-weekly use of moisture treatments.

For example:

Choose one of the protein ranges for day to day use

And add a moisture mask

If you need more moisture than protein, try out one of the following ranges

And add a protein mask every now and then, from the extreme or colour extend ranges.

If you need both protein and moisture, go halfsies. You can do this by buying a shampoo from one range, and a conditioner of the other. Once you have your balance, you will be unstoppable, not your hair.

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