Secretly Stressed and Anxious?

A recent usage and attitude study in Germany shows that many women between the ages of 25 and 55 years, privately suffer from symptoms like heart palpitations, headaches and stomach cramps that have a negative influence on their quality of life. They feel overwhelmed and as if they don’t have time for themselves. They have lost contact with their friends. They have poor sleeping patterns and constant daytime fatigue coupled with poor concentration.

The modern woman’s responsibilities are ever increasing and the stresses to keep-up with these responsibilities are a constant part of every modern woman’s day to day life. Yet, it seems that even in today’s enlightened social and professional environment, there is still a stigma towards admitting not being able to cope. This may result in manifestations of these symptoms, indicating possible stress and underlying anxiety. Hans Selye described “stress” as a response of the body to adapt to change, although “stress” is nowadays defined by the general public as a form of tension.

Chronic stress can lead to a variety of disorders like anxiety and feelings of depression. As it tries to keep up with the high demands of modern society, the body’s natural stress response goes “out of control” during the day. Stress hormones in the body increase and Homeostasis (the body’s internal balance) is disturbed, causing a continuous cycle starting with anxiety and nervousness flowing into disturbed sleeping patterns and, inevitably, daytime fatigue.

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