32Gi Cramp Assault Gel Salted Caramel, 10g

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Product Info

Cramp Assalt is an innovative advanced electrolyte gel with an anti-cramp trigger. Providing a high sodium full electrolyte spectrum to support and maximize hydration it also contains capsicum annum to act as a neuro-muscular trigger which has been shown in some cases reduce or stop muscle contraction and spasms when they occur.

Why Cramp Assalt?

  • One

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  • Cramp Assalt is a first to market full spectrum electrolyte gel with an anti-cramping trigger. While most gels are focused on energy, Cramp Assalt is far more focused on hydration and fluid absorption support. Loaded with minerals to maximize fluid absorption Cramp Assalt is designed in a unique easy to carry snap pack mechanism which makes for a very simple and easy delivery mechanism of minerals while on the go. Athletes that don’t like to be tied down to flavored water can now drink water and consume the gel separately to maximize the fluid absorption.

  • Over and above the hydration aspect of the gel we also looked at GI distress which is a common issue amongst endurance athletes and very often the cause of a really bad day out. Cramp Assalt has glutamine added to it, to help reduce the risk associated with GI distress during exercise. Recent research suggests that glutamine can help reduce the risk of GI distress by reducing intestinal permeability during exercise.

    Cramp Assalt has a capsicum annum trigger built into it. The purpose of the capsicum annum trigger is to activate or stimulate a TRP (transient Receptor Potential) ion channel which can demonstrate efficacy against muscle cramps. Pre-ingestion can prevent or delay the cramping and at worst case scenario possibly help stop it. Cramp Assalt does have small portion of carbohydrates added to it approximately 8g per a serving providing some energy along with the electrolytes. One can use this as a drip-feeding mechanism over time in order to ensure enough mineral replacement, fluid absorption and the provision of energy.


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