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Andolex C Oral Spray, 30ml

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Scheduling status:S1.Proprietary name (and dosage form):Andolex®-C oral rinse.Composition:Each 15 ml contains: benzydamine hydrochloride 22.5 mg.Chlorhexidine gluconate 18 mg.Alcohol 9% v/v.Pharmacological classification:A. 16.4 nasopharyngeal and bucco-pharyngeal antiseptics.Pharmacological action:Benzydamine hydrochloride has local analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Chlorhexidine has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.Indications:For the relief of minor infections and painful inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat. Chlorhexidine in Andolex-C oral rinse helps to reduce the development of plaque.Identification:A clear, pinkish red liquid with an odour of peppermint/aniseed.Presentation:Oral rinse: bottles containing 200 ml and 2 litres.Spray: bottles containing 30 ml.