Lativ Rose Oil Blend, 20ml

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You know that old saying stop and smell the roses? Well it’s actually true...The scent of a rose has therapeutic benefits that may help with the healing of many conditions.

* Fights the feelings of depression and anxiety by adding a few drops to a diffuser.
* Topically applying rose oil to wounds helps to protect them from developing infections.
* A massage with rose oil could ease the symptoms of PMS and also menstrual cramps.
* Diffuse rose oil in your room or rub one or two drops on your neck for increased libido.

Rose essential oil is extracted from the fragrant petals of various rose types. It is still one of the most popular essential oils used in perfumery and in beauty products.

* If you suffer from acne, dab one drop of rose oil on the blemishes.
* Rose oil increases your skins absorbency, add a few drops of rose oil to your skin products.
* Add a few drops to your shampoo to hydrate your hair and keep it smooth.

Who knew that a rose is more than just a pretty flower?

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