Lativ The Old Masters Oil, 20ml

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Our Old Masters oil, is the perfect blend of all the wintery, warm and reviving essential oils. It is excellent for hay fever, sinusitis, flu and other respiratory problems including people suffering from asthma. Now this not just a “one trick pony” oil, you can use Old masters oil for sprains and muscle pains as well as for insect bites. ⁣

Inhaling a few drops will definitely open up your blocked airways, while using it as a chest rub for more severe respiratory conditions. ⁣

This is very strong scented oil, so a little goes a very long way! ⁣

Essential oils used:⁣
Aniseed oil⁣
Bergamot oil⁣
Cajeput oil⁣
Cinnamon oil⁣
Eucalyptus oil⁣
Juniper berry oil⁣
Peppermint oil⁣
Peppermint Crisp oil⁣
Pine oil⁣
Wintergreen oil.

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