Pro Nutrition Hydra-Sport Isotonic Sports Drink Tangy Orange, 750g

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Hydra Sport is an advanced, scientifically formulated fluid replacement & energy boosting sports drink that has been designed to prevent dehydration while providing a steady stream of carbohydrates to working muscle which will maximise your performance during exercise. Electrolytes have been added, in a precise ratio to balance fluid uptake by muscle cells and importantly, to reduce cramping. Hydra Sport contains a blend of the best carbohydrates known to boost athletic performance and unlike inferior products, contains no sucrose (table sugar) and the amino acid L-Glutamine has been added to aid muscle recovery.

A proper hydration protocol includes pre-exercise hydration as athletes should begin all sessions well hydrated. To ensure optimal pre-exercise hydration consume approximately 250ml, 20 minutes before commencing exercise.

It is extremely important to maintain adequate hydration levels during exercise in order to optimise performance levels. Hydrating during exercise ensures that the body temperature remains stable and optimises cardiac function. Continual hydration during exercise also assists in maintaining blood volume which allows for efficient delivery of oxygen to working muscles and reduces the incidence of muscular cramps.

Replenishing fluid volume and glycogen stores is critical for the recovery of many of body’s processes. Using a sports drink that contains electrolytes such as Hydra Sport, allows fluid volume to be conserved, while the inclusion of carbohydrates improves the rate of intestinal absorption of sodium and water and replenishes glycogen stores. Enhancing your recuperation allows for significally improved future performance.

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