USN PhedraCut Lipo X Gold Caps, 80's

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USN's most advanced fat burner yet! The all-new PhedraCut Lipo X is a revolutionary thermogenic weight loss aid, scientifically developed with patented ingredients, trialled and proven to deliver substantial weight loss results. 

This fat burner is designed to kick-start thermogenesis in the body, increase energy expenditure, transform your fat cell structure, give you focus, energy and to control cravings/ appetite.


  • Burns more fat faster
  • Reduces appetite
  • Provides all-day feel-good energy


Reduxoslim: Assists with the prevention of fat cell formation and the breakdown of fat cells.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Provides energy and focus.

NR-GEX: Boosts the effect of caffeine in the product and provides energy and focus for long periods of time without causing a crash. Improves alertness, focus and motivation.

Thermozine: Increased energy expenditure, increased fat loss (changes the structure of fat cells from stored fat to usable fat).

Chromium: Maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

L-theanine: Aids with anxiety and stress-relief, focus, concentration, motivation, better blood pressure control.

How to use:

Take 2 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach with a glass of water (at least 30 minutes prior to a meal, snack or workout). Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance and increase dosage to a maximum of 2 capsules (full dosage) as tolerated (maximum 4 capsules per day). Not suitable for use after 4pm.

Take Phedracut Lipo X Gold for 5 consecutive days of the week and stop use for 2 days before continuing again. 

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