Fancy a Stay-Cation? Home can be a holiday too

It is safe to say, many of us are skipping the holiday destinations this year. COVID-19 has affected us in so many ways, and the stress can be immense – which is exactly why we need a good holiday. So, what do we do? We have one at home – a stay-cation.

We don’t all have sparkling pools or beachfront views – and some of us are still dreaming about up-sizing from small apartments to something positively suburban. However, with a few minor tweaks and a bit of imagination, you can transform your home into a space of relaxation. Here is how:

Humidifier / steamer / purifier

You can almost smell it can’t you? The fresh air of the ocean or the bush, or wherever you like to be when on holiday. And this air, could be somewhat humid too. Some of us are already battling with the sniffles, so we might as well make the best of it.

A humidifier or steamer, can transform the air in your home. If you happen to be ill, you can add some VAPOL Breathe Easy drops. Otherwise, a variety of things can be added to boost the aroma in your home – think about essential oils, a lemon peel, some peppermint etc. If you are scared of anything ending up where it’s not supposed to, try the “teabag” method. You can get a mesh-like material pouch and put everything you want inside, before adding it to the water container. To refresh, take out the pouch and replace the contents. A plastic hook-pin can securely shut the pouch.

If you live somewhere that is already humid, you can opt for an air purifier instead.

Make sure to clean out your machine at least once every 3 days to prevent any build-up of bacteria or fungal spores.


Diffusers are great at keeping areas throughout the home smelling fresh and inviting. If you are going for the luxury experience, you can add a diffuser in each bathroom and in the common areas of your home.

The Charlotte Rhys Atmosphere diffuser can infuse your surroundings with a beautiful fragrance month after month. Simply invert the reeds to refresh the scent! It is available at Mopani Pharmacy in a range of irresistible fragrances.

Essential oils

A potent mix of eucalyptus, lemon grass and peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle not only gives you a burst of nature, but protection from it. Yes, these scents are known to repel most bugs that may choose to make your house their home.

We have a wide range of essential oils available, from lavender to rosemary and beyond. You can make your home smell like a Japanese spa, or a Caribbean island – the possibilities are endless.

Add it to your bath water, your humidifier, your linen, your curtains and your couch! A few drops in your mop-bucket will give your home that special touch.

Sweets and chocolates … and Baking!

What is a hotel experience without a chocolate on the pillow? Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but a nice treat can make all the difference. What is a holiday if not remembered by all the delicious things you ate? We stock a variety of sweet treats, nuts and chocolates.

For those who are health conscious, check out our health food section. Sugar free snacks and alternative ingredients to be used in baking, means that you can have some of the yum, without the bum!

Coffee machine and Coffee

We’ve all camped in the backyard, but the very best part is waking up to a hot cup of coffee. We could be authentic and boil water on a fire – but we are opting for luxury. This is merely for safety purposes and has nothing to do with the fact that it requires too much effort, of course. Get that percolator going and sip on a hot cup of TRUTH Coffee! New to our stores, this popular coffee comes all the way from Cape Town – you won’t find it anywhere else in Mpumalanga! While you are at it, have one of those almond flour cookies you baked from the health food section ingredients, to dunk in your coffee!

In case you really are camping out in the garden and trying to get the whole experience, make sure you have your eco-bamboo cup, so you don’t break any mugs.


Candles can be so romantic and create that lovely ambiance of a couple’s getaway. A bug repellent candle like our Fever Tree range comes in a variety of scents and hits two flies with one flame, figuratively speaking. Not only will you have a lovely candle with a beautiful scent, there will be far fewer mosquitos and bugs too.

Tub time!

What better way to pretend you are at a spa than to relax in a bathtub with some cucumbers on your eyes and a face mask to pamper your pores? Add a bath bomb, bubble bath, Epsom salts by Dr Teals or lavender essential oils to the mix for the ultimate experience.

Not recommended all at once of course, that might be an assault to the senses. But with all of these things, you will have a way to make tub time special, every day.

You will come out refreshed, relaxed and ready to do… absolutely nothing.

It’s time for your stay-cation massage!

Now, what spa stay-cation is complete without a massage and some beauty treatments? You might not have a masseuse at home, but a partner or child will do in a pinch! You can pay them with your healthy baked goods, or the snacks from Mopani.

For this, you can improvise. Get a good mani / pedi kit. This should include something like a nail file, some nail clippers, a nice nail polish in the colour you like (if applicable), a heel balm and some hand lotion. We love the Trind Caring Colour Nail Lacquer (Available in-store) in particular.

After your hands and feet are done, you can get a full body massage. For this, you can really use anything you are comfortable with. If you don’t like a greasy feeling of thicker creams, you can opt for a light, water-based lotion.

If you want a thicker, deep penetrating hydration cream, try something like Bee Natural Luxurious Body Butter.

Many people are all about massage oils – you can use coconut oil, essential oils such as Jojoba or even olive oil, but you may need a shower to get the grease off, afterwards.

Alternatively, skip the home treatment and have an outing to our Mopani Salon at our Crossing Centre store. Our talented cosmetologists can offer top to toe treatments to make your toes curl and to get the ultimate relaxation.

Book your appointment with Rozanne on 082 561 7926 or Antoinette on 082 920 6086.


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