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How to choose your best suited scent

How to choose your best suited scent

Choosing a new perfume can be daunting, especially if you are not familiar with different scents or if you have to shop online.  Spritzing a Paris-collection worth of perfume in testers won’t do – how will you distinguish one scent from another? Plus, after a few minutes, the scent changes. Then what?

Fear not. Mopani Pharmacy will give you the ins and outs of how to choose a fragrance.

Back to basics

First you need to know what the product descriptions mean. It will contain certain words to give you insight as to what is inside.


Floral scents are usually feminine and romantic, and contain things like rose, lavender, orchids, lilies or gardenia, for example. It can be a single flower or a bouquet of many.


This type of scent is usually rich, spicy and more musky. Common ingredients are cinnamon or vanilla. This is a popular scent on both men’s and women’s perfumes.


These scents are more masculine, and “clean” – popular for sporty type of fragrances for men, but also available in women’s fragrances. It may remind you of citrus fruits, the smell of salty air or the sand on a beach.


This one is almost self-explanatory – it reminds one of the forest; pine, cedar and sandalwood – as well as rich soils.


This is a popular scent in men’s fragrances, meaning “fern” in French.  It should contain scents like oak, herbs and moss.


This is the “fresh” scent. Like peppermint, fresh cut grass or green apples – think of cool summer breezes on wide-open spaces.



This is often a mixture of Fougere and Wood scents, with rich earthy tones, forest and citrus with moss or oak in between.

The fragrance tones

Now that you have figured out what the scents mean, you can start looking for the fragrance that gives you the right scent at the right time.

“Top notes”

This is what you smell from the moment you apply your fragrance – however it will evaporate quickly and leave a longer lasting scent

“Middle notes”

This will be the scent that emerge as your top notes evaporates, and becomes the make up the bulk of your scent.

“Base notes”

These are the longer lasting notes that will carry the scent, and be present long after the initial notes have disappeared.


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